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What is Coating?


With the “knife over roll” process, the resin flows and penetrates into all the cavities of the fabric, achieving a resin-textile adhesion that incorporates low capillarity, forming a compound that acquires the characteristics of the base fabric and the resin coating.

The main advantage obtained through this technique is a high performance against environmental erosion that translates into greater longevity.

Why Coating?

Because it has proven to be a safer material and related to the requirements of the dunnage and reusable packaging segment in the automotive industry. Its versatility in use and its unbeatable dimensional behavior ensure perfect containment of the parts or products in transit, without risk of scratches or damage.

Better protection and care of parts

Greater hygiene in parts and packaging

Long life and packaging life cycle


Less spending on repairs and maintenance

More and better space (SNP)

100% compatible with sewing processes

Why is PVC Coating better than rigid materials?


PVC coated tarpaulin is used in roofing, architecture and awnings with excellent weather performance.


Thanks to its coating, it can guarantee easy and economical maintenance.

Made to size

With the natural flexibility of the coated canvas, the projects are customizable according to every need.


Its physical and mechanical resistance provides longer life cycles. More than 7 years of regular operation.


Thanks to the natural flexibility and high performance of PVC Coating, it works as a natural shock absorber.

Special Finishes

Some of our materials have specific finishes that guarantee special protection for special pieces.

Comparative Tests

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